Tag: film criticism (literary school or movement)

Review | Room

Jack and James discuss the Oscar winning drama by Lenny Abraham.

Review | Spotlight

The gang discuss the new bio-pic about the pulitzer prize winning work to initially break the catholic priest child sex scandal.  

Review | Brooklyn

Jack and James look at the rather charming mellow-drama Brooklyn.

Review | Trumbo

While competently made and more than competently acted (largely thanks to Cranston), the film fails to stand up with the multitude of biopics released in recent years.

Review | Carol

It’s very rare that a film can be described as luscious, but Carol certainly fits that description. A tender story that blurs emotional openness, repression, and longing.

Review | Sicario

In Mexican Reel Opinions means ‘gushing’

Review | The Guest

Harrison reviews Adam Wingard’s cult action/ thriller/ slasher… thing The Guest