Review | Annihilation

Harrison steps into the shimmer to review Alex Garland’s ambitious adaption of Annihilation.

Mini-Review: Downsizing

In an attempt to cover even more stuff we’re opening the floodgates to shorter, snappier, less-informed, and generally vaguer reviews!

Review | Black Panther

Harrison discusses his thoughts on Black Panther, it’s mass success, and the various discussions going on around it

21. What to expect in 2018

Jack and Harrison try to figure out what film will require the most therapy to recover from in the next 12 months.

Review | Mute

Jack only just realized his main point is rather ironic.

Review | The Greatest Showman

Jack makes a song and dance about tearing down the happiness of others.

Review | The Cloverfield Paradox

It’s almost like they didn’t say anything about this film for a reason.

Review | The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Take a break from listening to distorted violin plinks in a dark corner and enjoy this review for Killing of a Sacred Deer.

Review | Early Man

Aardman fanatic James takes a look at their latest feature, Early Man.