Category: Drama

Review | Moonlight

Jack takes a look at Moonlight, the latest from Barry Jenkins.

Review | Hidden Figures

What’s a space pun for okay? Reel Opinions reviews Hidden Figures.

Review | T2: Trainspotting

Ben offers up a review of Danny Boyle’s latest, a sequel to his 1996 cult hit Trainspotting.

Review | Their Finest

A review of the film Your Finest, a British period romance drama comedy, yes that’s a few genres. Eventually this turns into a rant on modern romance.

Review | Manchester By The Sea

Jack shares his thoughts on the award-tipped drama Manchester By The Sea.

Review | Don’t Call Me Son / Snowden / Birth of a Nation

In a desperate attempt to finish these reviews in 2016 Jack throws together some of the blander films into a compilation review.

Review | American Honey

Jack takes a break from the drugs and bass-heavy rap to review Andrea Arnold’s latest feature, American Honey.